MFour Studio FAQ

Persona Views

Q: What data is included in Persona Views?

A: Brick and Mortar data that shows visits to locations over time. App and Web Data showing traffic in each brand’s digital footprint. Opinion data that gives insight to consumer behavior and sentiment.

Q: What changes have been made to the data?

A: Behavioral data has been weighted to be representative of the US population. Data that may not be representative of trends (for instance employee visits to locations or stops in a parking lot of a location) are removed to avoid misrepresentation.

Q: Is any data excluded?

A: Yes, we remove data that might skew trends.

Q: How often is the data updated?

A: The data is refreshed every day. There is some data latency which means that data within 48 hours may update by a small percentage.

Q: Is the data weighted?

A: The behavioral data (OmniTraffic) is weighted to the US census at the demographic level. For more information please see our methodology page.

Q: What is “Median Dwell Time” ?

A: Dwell time is based off the median dwell time at that location to give the most representative dwell time.

Q: Are any of the brands grouped?

A: Yes, Albertsons and Kroger have their subsidiaries grouped into their national brands to address regionality considerations.

Consumer Explorer

Visualization Sandbox tab 

Q: Is stat (statistical significance) testing available?

A: Statistical significance testing is not currently available for survey data results but is on a backlog to be made available in a future iteration of the platform.

Q: Can I select and compare two different data groups within a survey?

A: The demographics are available (gender, age, ethnicity, income) to show as a comparison. Other comparisons can be done by exporting the data and then doing a side-by-side comparison.

Q: Can I use survey response data as my banner point?

A: Survey questions as banner points is not currently available but will be in the future.

Q: Can I create a new question from multiple questions or build a derived/hidden variable/hidden from an existing question?

A: Creation of derived/hidden variables are not currently available, this is on a backlog for future consideration.

Survey + Location tab

Q: What sample sizes are available / shown?

A: Sample sizes for Survey Total are based on who responded to the survey then shown at the top of the page (Total Responses). Sample sizes for Panelists with locational data available who took the survey are shown at the top of the page (Total Panelists). Sample sizes fluctuate based on what data set or filters have been selected.

Q: Why is there a difference between sample sizes for Total Responses and Total Panelists?

A: Some Survey respondents may not have had their geolocation turned on, or may not have had it on for the entirety of the dates, meaning location data may not be available for those consumers.

Q: What is the starting point of time for days before/after?

A: The starting point is when the survey was taken by the respondent. So locational data will vary if a survey fielded over a range of days since the survey date may be different for survey respondents.

Q: Can I select my own specific days for timing?

A: 1 day, 7 days, and 14 days are what is currently available. Being able to customize the dates will be available in future iterations of Consumer Explorer.

Q: Why do some visits seem longer or shorter than expected?

A: Anyone who was at the location is included. Some visits may be from employees who work at locations who are at a location for an extended amount of time for their shift, or passers by who make quick, frequent stops.

Q: What is the difference between Visits and Visitors?

A: Visits are unique visits that get counted each time they are made by a Visitor. Visitors are the number of people who make up the Visits. Some Visitors may have gone once, others may have repeat Visits.

Q: Why does it take a while for some of the data to load?

A: The data files may be large depending on the Respondent size or the timeframe selected. Be patient, it will load! There is an indicator on the top which will indicate if the data is still processing.